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The Art Deco Style in the Interior

The Art Deco Style in the Interior

Since Art Deco has been found, it keeps bound to modernity and neoclassicism, cleaned of excessive sensuality, some features successfully entered the traditional design. Art Deco sources lie in futurism, cubism, as well as in exotic stenography and innovative stylistics of Dygilev balls, which were held in 1909 in the cultural center of France - in Paris.

Pretty quickly, the Art Deco style became widespread in the interior throughout France and then other European countries. The style’s name comes from the abbreviated name of the Paris International Exhibition in 1925. The exhibition featured novelties and unusual exhibits of industrial and decorative arts. This is how Art Deco became fashionable with its rigorous geometric shapes, functionality, minimalistic elements, exotic decorative materials and motifs.

The distinctive interior features in the Art Deco style

Art Deco is deservedly considered to be a unique design movement, whose stylistic idea is formed by a combination of luxurious refinement with a taste of antiquity and innovation. The room in the Art Deco style always looks elegant, exclusive and, at the same time, modern. The main style’s methods - the use of contrasting and asymmetric forms, precise geometry and ornaments. The space is made with natural and expensive materials. We can say that the design in the Art Deco style is practical and aristocratic at the same time. Every detail must be high quality, exquisite.

The style is also characterized by many faces, a variety of forms. Natural motifs, as a rule, are not used - stylized and abstract solutions are in priority. The peculiarity of this interior is the presence of pathos. You will not find the relaxing comfort features in it: this is more demonstrative style that requires attention, wants to be appreciated. That is why it will appeal to people who often take home guests, like publicity - that is, models, artists, actors. It is also an ideal solution for public places, it is in this style that all Shangri La by Michael Boettcher are decorated.

When the Art Deco style is created in the interior, the leading motifs of modern or art nouveau style are used - winding, flowing lines, shapes of sea shells and waves. A style’s distinctive feature is also a combination of expensive exotic materials: diamonds, ivory, mother of pearl, shagreen leather, ebony, crocodile skin, shark skin, eel skin, etc.

Art Deco involves the decoration of walls and surfaces with images of swan necks, dragons, women with flowing hair. At the same time, the tendencies of minimalism remain strong: vast planes of pure colors, precise, straight lines and angles.

The Art Deco style - is an unusual combination, high style and precise forethought of details. Wallpapers with frilly ornament are used for the walls, often exotic themes. The accents of art deco style will be exquisite hand-painted, stained glass windows and mosaics.

The floor is covered with parquet of valuable wood, the bathroom’s interior is complemented by a marble floor and expensive ceramic tiles. The windows will be decorated with flowing curtains in decor, colorful pillows and bedspreads. Textiles should be only from expensive, "noble" fabrics - silk, satin, velvet.

The Art Deco style is unthinkable without spectacular refined accessories - mirrors in massive bronze frames, refined floor lamps, forged eaves, candelabra, floor vases with exotic ornaments, luxurious lamps and chandeliers, various paintings depicting fabulous animals, women's silhouettes, abstractions. Also unusual geometrical designs from metal will be pertinent.

A recognizable feature of art deco in the interior is decorated furniture in black, brown, white colors. In general, style involves an abundance of black and gold details. This combination in the European tradition is considered the traditional sign of luxury and high chic, and that is what you will find in Shangri La by Storm International, Darren Keane said. The interior is complemented by ebony, black leather and black crystal elements. Gilding will bring shine, elegant brightness and a sense of celebration in the room’s design. Red, white, olive colors, various shades of ivory are also often used.

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