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Benefits of artificial grass for the environment

Benefits of artificial grass for the environment

Is aesthetics more important than environmental protection? There is often criticism when it comes to artificial turf.

Climate protection is in the spotlight - and critically speaking, artificial turf is bad for the environment. Or is it not? If you look at it, then using an unnatural coating can be many times safer than many people used to think. And you can order artificial grass Miami laying by contacting «Perfect Pavers» for a service!

Water saving

A beautiful lawn needs a lot of water. It is especially important in the summer to water your lawn regularly. It takes about 10-15 liters of water per square meter - even if you only water your garden once a week, that would be about 1500 liters per month for 25 square meters. For comparison, you only need 0 liters for artificial turf. Every month. And it still glows with a beautiful green light.

Energy saving

Regular lawn mowing not only consumes gas, but also a lot of energy and electricity in general. In addition, high CO2 emissions create harmful exhaust gases. These are factors that you just don't need to consider with artificial turf. Anyone who uses artificial turf knows that it also looks great when not mowed!


Birds, insects or even other animals in search of food will look in vain at the artificial turf. He also does not offer them a house. It is for this reason that coatings of this origin are often disliked.

However, important factors are being ignored. Since natural lawns are often mowed before they really bloom, they also do not create optimal living conditions for living things. To ensure biodiversity, a flower bed should be created.


Artificial grass also impresses with its durability. With normal maintenance, the artificial turf can be used for at least 10-12 years.

Life time

And after this time? When the actual life of the lawn has expired, its polyurethane layer can be 100% recycled. Leftover raw materials from the polyurethane layer are often used to make flower trays, flower pots, and civil engineering. This means less waste is generated and environmental damage is minimized.

By the link https://perfectpavers.com/interlocking-concrete-pavers/ you can study in more detail the options for laying artificial turf, as well as order this service online! The company «Perfect Pavers» also specializes in laying paving stones, so you can see examples of the company's work on the official website, and you can also order any service you need online!

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