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Art Deco Room Design Rules

Art Deco Room Design Rules

Art Deco - a special interior design style, which was originated about hundred years ago in France. The main distinguishing feature of this area is use of expensive materials, which are designed to create a luxurious and refined atmosphere indoors.

The main features of Art Deco are the clarity and graphic quality of all forms and designs, but at the same time geometric and roundness figures are used. Large rounded windows adjoin arches and spiers. The alternation of dark and light stripes, the creation of contours and frames, the zigzag ornament, laying tiles, drawings on furniture, walls and in general decor. We are talking about striped elements, which are also called "sun rays".

Stepped and broken ornaments, when the stripes can diverge along the wall in the form of steps are also characteristic of the style. The interiors use objects in a trapezoid form: mirrors, doors and many others. All this you can see in Michael Boettcher’s Storm International establishments.

Art Deco uses the following materials: inlaid and simple wood, glass, stained glass, leather and various animal’s skin, steel, which is made with an anticorrosive composition, ceramic or stone tiles, and lacquered surfaces.

As for the color palette, designers use mostly subtle and neutral shades in Art Deco: white, black, beige, silver, brown and metal. Unobtrusive addition of green, red, gold or blue is allowed.

All used materials should look expensive. It is better to stick to warm tones, such as ivory, melted milk, sand, coffee or chocolate. It is necessary to decorate the space moderately, since in excess of decorative materials can create an unnecessary chaos effect. It is better to choose functional and simple furniture, unusual forms are allowed. So, in units of Storm International, Darren Keane specified, custom-made furniture is always present.

Today, few people will risk letting in this creative and courageous style into their homes, but it fits perfectly into public places. The halls in Art Deco style look very elegant and this original decor gives the overall atmosphere a touch of coziness and romance.

The style’s advantages are luxury, interior functionality, bright lighting with the use of massive lamps. To achieve this, take expensive finishing materials in the interior: marble, velvet, mahogany, metal, glass, fur and silk, use gold-plated objects. Glossy parquet or tile is ideal as a floor covering.

The room design in Art Deco style assumes a rich and elegant design, and it is important to observe the thin line between luxury and a bad taste. This is one of the most difficult tasks for designer - the harmonious elements combination of different concept and style. On the other hand, design projects in Art Deco involve a combination of many solutions and materials: in many interiors made in this style, you can see a combination of metal, glass, plastic and leather.

The project design is recommended to be with straight strict lines and smooth bends, as well as a contrasting combination of light and dark tones. At the same time a large number of textiles helps to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. The presence of exclusive elements that focus attention on themselves look very interesting.

Particular attention is paid to the design of art deco furniture. Most often used products "antique" or real antique furniture - this option allows you to give a touch of chic and solemnity throughout the room as a whole.

On visible places and open shelves, it is better to place original items that in this conceptual style will not stand out from the general picture. Any statuettes, paintings and panels will organically fit into the interior design in the art deco style.

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